Strategic partnerships for mutual growth, profitability and success

WMB Enterprises, the joint ventures and acquisitions arm of Beekley Corporation, helps individuals and companies looking for a partner to bring a product idea to market or increase sales and market penetration of existing products.

Why Partner with WMB Enterprises?

Steady growth and financial stability

Founded in 1934, our corporate entity, Beekley Corporation has been in operation for over 80 years - evolving from a small, local, printing and lithographic company founded in 1934 to the multi-million dollar / year global manufacturing and sales leader in the hospitality and medical device industries it is today.

Proven ability to develop, sell, and market niche products

We have a proven track record working with innovators and inventors who needed a partner company to bring their idea to market. Members from Product Development and Marketing work together, employing a rigorous and well-adhered to product testing system, to ensure that projects are brought to market successfully.

Our company size allows us to take on projects that might be turned down or neglected by other companies - large enough to have in-house teams, design, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and distribution; but small and agile enough to move quickly on the right opportunity and allocate the resources needed to match the growth potential of your product.

Respect for Intellectual Property

Beekley Corporation and its subsidiaries place a high value on trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and other business intelligence. We rigorously defend our own and respect the rights of others. All joint ventures and acquisition projects are conducted under mutual confidentiality agreements.

Successful Sales Model

We maintain a dedicated team of seasoned sales professionals consisting of Business Development Managers, whose role is to bring in new business and Account Managers, whose role is to maintain and grow that business. When new opportunities arise, we have the capability to scale the sales team to dedicate the appropriate resources deemed necessary for the success of that opportunity.

Passionate About What We Do

Our mission as a company is to make the lives of everyone we touch a little better. We will only take on partnerships that align with our focus and only take on products that we feel we can be the ‘best in the world’ at selling.

What Makes for a Good Match?

We are primarily interested in lightweight, consumable products, preferably for the medical industry.

Joint Ventures*

Royalty based or private label agreements

  • Innovative “new-to-the world” products/product ideas with discernable market potential
  • Priced to value
  • Patented or patentable

Fair standard royalty rates offered. If prototype or idea deemed a match, Beekley can pick up the development process at any stage from research, engineering, and patenting to branding, sales, and marketing.

*case studies available

Product Acquisitions

Terms based on best practices

  • Unique, specialized products
  • Early in market introduction, but with proven market acceptance
  • Patented or patentable


To learn more about entering into a partnership opportunity with Beekley Corporation through WMB Enterprises, please email Martha Flannery, Vice President, mflannery@wmbenterprises.com